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Briquettes “GlavZhar” have proven to be a high-quality product for restaurants, steak houses and establishments specializing in the preparation of dishes on the grill. The largest restaurant chains in Moscow and the Moscow region, such as “Uzbek”, “Templ Bar”, “Reka”, “Schneider”, work with us.

From February 2017, we decided to expand the geography of sales – from now you will be able to purchase briquettes in Crimea, Irkutsk, Petrozavodsk, and Saratov.

The expansion of presence area concerns not only dealer sales, this summer briquettes will also be available at retail, as well as in stores at gas stations.



WOODEN-COAL “Glavzhar” briquette is an ecologically clean product produced by the method of hard extrusion of the faction of wood charcoal A.

Charcoal briquette is an indispensable product for creating comfort in field conditions, on a picnic, fishing, hunting. The duration of the “working” burning is 240 minutes, in contrast to ordinary charcoal, lasts 1-1.5 hours. The time of complete combustion of briquettes is 360 minutes. Buying charcoal briquettes at almost the same price as charcoal, you can use them three times longerюю. Also, there is the possibility of repeated use (after using briquettes, you can pour water, dry them out and use again) provides significant savings.

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